About Me

Who I am, how I got here and where I'm headed.

About Me...

I am an endurance athlete and a dynamic digital visual and web designer who loves creating compelling experiences for brands, positive causes and great ideas. Since graduating cum laude from the New England Institute of Art with a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design, I have also completed a diploma degree in Web Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I am currently pursuing a graduate degree in Digital Media Design at the Harvard Extension School. This will allow me to master the technical tools and techniques necessary to stay on the cutting edge of dynamic website design, as well as development.

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Adding these skill sets to my broad experience within the fast-paced, high intensity marketing departments of a pharmaceutical marketing firm and construction management company, plus within the technology and creative departments of a very large insurance company that prides itself on it's sleek platforms, brings my core competencies to a new level.

Along with a pedigree of freelance clients, I have combined my creative passion with the business skill set acumen acquired from five plus years in the mortgage and real estate industries. Together these skill sets have united to create a driven designer, as well as an avid competitive cyclist, with excellent time management and team building skills, who is passionate about life and design.

In a field, where the only constant is change, staying ahead of the curve is how I create value for clients and the teams on which I work.

What I do when I'm not a designer

Endurance Athlete

Fruitlands Cyclocross Race - 2016

Endurance Athlete

I've been competing in road, mountain bike and cyclocross disciplines since 2005. I've ridden and raced over 50,000 miles since then.

Expert Snowboarder

North Woods - Jackson Hole - 2018

Expert Snowboarder

I've been riding since 1987. I started out on skis, however, being already well versed on the surf board and skateboard, it was a logical progression.

Life-long Musician

Rocking out at home - 2018

Life-long Musician

I started out playing cello and classical piano, but graduated to the guitar bass and drums in my teens.

Responsible Steward of our Planet

My "A" Squad ready for their first day of school - 2018

Responsible Steward of our Planet

That's right, I care. I try to make all daily and long term decisions based on their environmental impact and try and tread as lightly as possible on our earth. It's just the right thing to do.

Let's Work Together

I am always looking to take on new projects and always excited about tackling new challenges. I am a problem solver, a medium between designer and developer... Connect with me and let's get the conversation started.