Hub Bicycle Co.

Digital Presence, Brand Identity

Hub Bicycle Co.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Located just outside of Inman Square in beautiful Historic Cambridge, Massachusetts, Hub Bicycle Co. has a focus on the service of area commuters and seasoned racers alike. This project entailed a marketing and branding overhaul as well as a website redesign and upgrade into Bootstrap's Responsive Framework.

Project Components:
Digital Presence
Retail POS Tag
Business Card
Logo and Tagline

Digital Presence
Web Site
Brand Identity
Print Design
Retail Design
Point-of-Sale Design

Hub Bicycle Co. | Cambridge, Massachusetts

Hub Bicycle Co. Logo/Shingle Sign

Hub Bicycle Co. Desktop and Mobile

Hub Bicycle Co. Desktop

Hub Bicycle Co. Logo/Tagline

Hub Bicycle Co. Business Cards

Hub Bicycle Co. Retail Tag

Hub Bicycle Co. Retail Tag

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