Visual Designer... Web Developer... Disciplined Athlete.

Bridging the gap between design and development.

Brand Identity

Logo and aesthetics are just one leg of the stool... Understanding an organization's culture & value system and its position in the market is integral in building a cohesive corporate brand.

  • Logo
  • Stationary Package
  • UI Elements
  • Style Guide

Interface Design

I'm not a UX designer... but I play one at my office. As a developer with a creative background, I am often asked to wear the hat of the UX designer.

  • UI Design
  • Color/Font/Icon/Layout
  • Mobile/Desktop
  • Photoshop Mockups

Web Development

With my natural tendencies toward design, becoming a Front-End Developer was a logical progression. I've even been called a Fullstack Developer from time to time.

  • Software Dev Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • CSS/HTML/JavaScript
  • GIT/Terminal
  • Defect Resolution

What I do...

I am an endurance athlete and a dynamic digital visual and web designer who loves creating compelling experiences for brands, positive causes and great ideas. Since graduating cum laude from the New England Institute of Art with a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design, I have also completed a diploma degree in Web Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I am currently pursuing a graduate degree in Digital Media Design at the Harvard Extension School. This will allow me to master the technical tools and techniques necessary to stay on the cutting edge of dynamic website design, as well as development...

Featured Work

Shortcuts to some of my more relevant work.

Homesite Insurance

Homesite Insurance

A mid-sized insurance company specializing in web platform products in home, life and auto insurance with the support of several large partnerships with Progressive, Geico amongst others. Homesite was recently bought by American Family...

Avpro Worldwide Aerial Advertising

Avpro Worldwide

Avrpro Worldwide is an aerial advertising company from North Andover, Massachusetts. They are quite literally world wide. They cover many markets around the world and are willing to open new markets for where ever there is demand...

Hub Bicycle Shop

Hub Bicycle Shop

Located just outside of Inman Square in beautiful Historic Cambridge, Massachusetts, Hub Bicycle Co. has a focus on the service of area commuters and seasoned racers alike. This project entailed a marketing and branding overhaul as well as...

Michael Sabatini Design Logo
Michael Sabatini Design

Art Gallery Commission at Landry's Bicycles, Boston, Massachusetts

The proliferation of my cycling art has lead to many design and development opportunities within the bicycle racing world. However, I'd have to say that the commissioning of my art gallery at Boston's largest bicycle retailer in their flagship location was my ultimate accomplishment... thus far.

Landry's Bicycles Art Gallery 1
Landry's Bicycles Art Gallery 2
Landry's Bicycles Art Gallery 3
Landry's Bicycles Art Gallery 4
Landry's Bicycles Art Gallery 5
Landry's Bicycles Art Gallery 6
Landry's Bicycles Art Gallery 7
Landry's Bicycles Art Gallery 8
Landry's Bicycles Art Gallery 9