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Designer. Athlete. Family Man.

Dynamic Digital Designer

With experience in print design, web design & development along with other mediums, I can cover many areas of the design industry spectrum.

Disciplined Elite Athlete

It's been more than a decade since I started racing bicycles and I strive to maintain the work/life balance that allows me to continue to do so.

Dedicated Family Man

Running a tight family ship is just one more complicated facet of life. With a second grader and four year old twins, maintaining the work/life balance is critical.

My biggest fan running next to me at the finish line of the 2015 Mt. Washington Auto Road Hill Climb

I am an endurance athlete, a father and a dynamic digital visual and web designer who loves creating compelling experiences for brands, positive causes and great ideas. Since graduating cum laude from the New England Institute of Art with a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design, I have also completed a diploma degree in Web Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I am currently pursuing a graduate degree in Digital Media Design at the Harvard Extension School. This will allow me to master the technical tools and techniques necessary to stay on the cutting edge of dynamic website design, as well as development.

Adding these skill sets to my broad experience within the fast-paced, high intensity marketing departments of a pharmaceutical marketing firm and construction management company, plus within the technology and creative departments of a very large insurance company that prides itself on it's sleek platforms, brings my core competencies to a new level.

Along with a pedigree of personal freelance clients, I have combined my creative passion with the business skill set acumen acquired from five plus years in the mortgage and real estate industries. Together these skill sets have united to create a driven designer, as well as an avid competitive cyclist, with excellent time management and team building skills, who is passionate about life and design.

In a field, where the only constant is change, staying ahead of the curve is how I create value for clients and the teams on which I work.


The whole reason you came here in the first place. Please proceed.

Rasputitsa Gravel Race

Event Poster Design

Vintage Print Series

Print Design

Schuck's Cape Cod Cocktail Sauce

Brand Development

Avpro Worldwide

Brand Development/UI Design & Development

Hub Bicycle Co.

Brand Development/UI Design & Development

Blossom Cupcake Co.

Brand Development

Pinnacle Solutions

Brand Development/UI Design & Development

Dingo Films | Moving Pictures Studio

Brand Development

MSA Granite Works

Brand Development/UI Design & Development

Big Blue Marble Project Apparel

Graphic Design

Augustus W. Kelley AEA | SAG - AFTRA

Brand Development


Logos, posters, invitations etc...

  • Boston Rebellion Pro XCT Mountain Bike Race

    The Boston Rebellion PROXCT and Root 66 Barnburner is a mountain bike race that saw it's first year this past summer. Being fully emersed in the cycling scene in New England, I was approached by the promoters to design a logo, t-shirts and promotional items. They ended up really liking two of my designs and decided to employ both.

  • Sherman Consulting Services

    A 25th Anniversary commemorative seal for Sherman Consulting Services, Burlington, Massachusetts.

  • Whiskey Themed Birthday Invitation

    I thought that the old cliche of a Jack Daniels or Maker's Mark label was too on the nose so I decided to come up with a custom whiskey bottle design of my own. Needless to say that my client was ecstatic by the result.

  • Luca & Emilia's 1st Birthday Invitation

    When my twins were about to turn one, my wife commissioned me to design their first birthday invitation. It took me a few weeks of refining to acheive my initial vision of what I wanted it to look like.

  • Ski Great Blue Hill

    The Blue Hills is my go-to training area. It provides a 5 mile rolling road loop, miles of some of the best mountain biking in Eastern Massachusetts and a short but steep summit road to the top, great for training for those big hill climb races. It also houses the only ski area in Boston. I was on a poster kick for a bit and this is one that proliferated out of it.

  • Celebration of the Winter Solstice

    An invitation design for an impromptu party celebrating the Winter Solstice, 2013.

  • Good Deeds, Inc.

    Logo design for a company located on the South Shore of Massachusetts. They specialize in cleaning out homes and selling the items on ebay.com. All proceeds go to various charities.


Education, experience and the skills that pay the bills.

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  • New England Institute of Art

    Bachelor of Science | Graphic Design (Cum Laude) | Brookline, MA | Class of 2007

  • Art Institute of Pittsburgh

    Diploma | Web Design | Pittsburgh, PA | Class of 2014

Software and Languages

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Homesite - Home Insurance   (Boston, MA) - UI Designer/Front End Web Developer | October 2014 - Present

A mid-sized insurance company specializing in web platform products in home, life and auto insurance with the support of several large partnerships with Progressive, Geico amongst others. Homesite was recently bought by American Family Insurance Company.

  • Began at Homesite in the role of User Interface Designer/Developer. My primary responsibility was the design, build and styling of the UI of various product platforms.

  • After a company reorganization in late February 2015, an opportunity had presented itself in the form of a position on a new Front-End Web Development team that had ultimately proliferated as a result.

  • Worked as part of large teams developing and refining Homesite's online product set.

  • Utilized GIT repository as well as Atlassian Development tools to facilitate version control and proper file management amongst team members.

  • Employed industry best practices in the building and styling of frameworks using the latest techniques and technologies in HTML5, CSS3, Stylus and Jade.

  • Worked closely with the back-end development team as they connected to the front-end.

  • Responsible for defect resolution once projects moved into the QA environment for scrutiny.

  • Took personal initiative to get up to speed with JavaScript and associated libraries.

Ingenius Creativ   (Hingham, MA) - Owner/Designer | May 2013 - October 2014

One-man studio specializing in branding & corporate identity coupled with web development with an acute focus on local small business and non-profit organizations.

  • Sole designer responsible for all aspects of administrating and maintaining daily business operations including sales, marketing, design, and web development.

  • Clients Include Duxbury Seafood Enterprises, Pinnacle Solutions, Avpro Worldwide and Hub Bicycle Co.

J. Calnan & Associates   (Quincy, MA) - Senior Graphic Designer | May 2012 - May 2013

Small construction management firm focused on commercial development, especially in the Science and Technology industries, in and around the Greater Boston area. J. Calnan also has a charitable arm called Team IMPACT.

  • Senior graphic designer for in-house marketing department responsible for all design deliverables.

  • Designed, compiled and created company project proposals that were integral in generating over $5 million in revenue for the company for fiscal year 2012.

  • Worked Closely with TEAM IMPACT in assisting with the completion of their branding project as well as routinely designing and producing the organization's print marketing communications.

Axon Communications Inc.    (Braintree, MA) - Senior Graphic Designer | September 2007 - April 2012

Marketing and advertising firm catering to the pharmaceutical industry

  • Original graphic designer at start-up marketing firm; responsible for all new product design.

  • Built from scratch the entire infrastructure and workflow for the graphics/creative department.

  • Internal liai son between Post Production, Replication & Fulfillment and Client Services teams.

  • Created user interfaces and graphics packages in addition to on-screen elements for all products.

  • Designed product logo that was featured in Med Ad News, an industry publication.

What I do When I'm Not Creating

  • I am a competitive cyclist - I love to race my bicycle!

    I've been competing in road, mountain bike and cyclocross disciplines since 2005. Although I am no stranger to the podium, It wasn't until 2011 that I first stood on that top step as an elite ameteur.

  • I am an expert snowboarder - I love to ride my snowboard!

    I've been riding since 1987. I started out on skis, however, being already well versed on the surf board and skateboard, it was a logical progression.

  • I am a responsible steward of the outdoors - I love my planet!

    That's right, I care. I try to make all daily and long term decisions based on their environmental impact and try and tread as lightly as possible on our earth. It's just the right thing to do.

  • I am a husband and father of three - I love my family!

    One of the many reasons why I care. I want to leave a better planet for my kids than when I found it.

Professional references upon request.


I am always looking to take on new projects and challenges. Connect with me and let's get the conversation started.

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